How do I get an entertainer to dance for my girlfriend?

Just ask the entertainer of your choice if he would do a table dance for that special girlfriend.

How much is cover charge? 

The cover charge for Friday’s and Saturday’s are $10.00 per lady.

How much is table dance?

$10.00 on the floor which means at your table and $20.00 for a V.I.P.dance which is done away from the prying eyes of all the other customers in the bar. Normally in a designated area with doormen and security cameras for the customers safety as well as the entertainers.

Can I get up close and personal with the entertainers while they are performing on stage?

Yes and that is what is called the “kiss and tip.” For example, place a $5.00 or $10.00 bill anywhere you desire on your body and approach the stage. The professional entertains will do the rest! For those of you who are a little shy, wave the bill in the air, and place it over your head or your girlfriends head, and let the entertainers do the rest!

Is there any touching involved?

There is absolutely no sexual contact between the customer and the entertainer period.

 Can I book an entertainer for private parties outside of the club?

Absolutely, yes! Please visit our “private parties: section or just click here,.

Are recording devices such as cameras and camcorders permitted in the club?

Under no circmustances are recording devices of any type permitted in the club.Yes ladies, this includes cell phones!