Male Stripper Toronto Story

Friday is finally arriving at Toronto Strip Club. Some of the guys who might be featured are Fabio and Toni.

Who is Fabio?

Fabio is pure Italian. He is born and raised in Italy. He moved here when he reached 30. He is known to have a great humor. His favorite drink is “English Beer.”

How did you become a Toronto stripper?

“I had a friend named David. He was one of the original strippers in Canada. He told me that he gets to travel every week and meet a lot of people. He asked me to come out sometime to a club.

I got curious one day and I decided to finally visit him at his work. David sent me an address via text. When I finally drove to the address, I realized that it was a strip club. I thought maybe he was just having fun and wanted to get a drink – so I went inside. As I walked in, I noticed a lot of girls – girls that were dressed. And the only dancers who were stripping, were men. I then heard an announcement: “Ladies meet the Firefighter.” I looked to the stage and there were lights pointing at a man wearing a firefighter outfit. His face was covered with a cowboy hat.

The song began to play and the man began to undress himself.

The ladies were screaming loud. The man then bowed down to one of the ladies. The lady grabbed the hat and put it on herself. She then got some cash from her friend and put it in the male stripper’s pocket. The man then turned towards me. His face appeared familiar. He winked at me and continued his dance. Girls continued to scream throughout the entire song.

The song finally ended, and as he walked off the stage he turned to me one more time and he gave me a smile. The moment he gave me that smile, I realized that it was my friend David all along.

After he got dressed, he came out and we had a drink. He told me what it was like to work in this industry and how fun it was. He kept on pushing me to try and dance sometime.

I finally conceded 3 months later. Since then I have enjoyed choosing this career.

Why did you choose to be a stripper in Toronto?

I could have been a stripper in any city. But I chose Toronto over Mississauga because I knew that the night life was there.

What do you enjoy about being a male stripper?

Being a male stripper has it’s perks. The number one benefit would be the confidence boost it gives you. Second would be all of the great people you meet. You are meeting people when they are out to have fun. It’s stress free, and you get to see a different side of others and yourself.

What advice would you give to the aspiring stripper?

If you are looking to be a stripper in Mississauga or Toronto, be sure to find a good mentor or trainer. I had the luxury of having David Usher – a legend in the industry, to train me. His training was very professional and down to earth. The first dance is always a bit funny; you just say to yourself: “I can’t believe I am doing this, but I am enjoying it so much!”